Jason Roy, a guitar player from Christian band Building 429 recently played guitar as his daughter Haven Madison sang an original song for the American Idol judges. 

At just 16 years old, Madison performed her original single 'Fifteen' for judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan.

"Let's go to the studio right now," says Richie, standing up, after Madison finished her song. "Can we go to the studio and cut that song?"

The performance and the judge's positive reaction had Madison's dad, Roy, in tears. Then she started crying as well from the response. 

"Dad, there's reason to cry," says Richie. "Young lady, your songwriting ability is incredible. You can be anything you want to be right now."

As more of a formality, the three judges and singers in their own right, voted and each said 'yes' to Madison getting the golden ticket and moving on in the competition. 

"I don't see anything wrong right now except the world doesn't know anything about you, but they will," says Richie. "That was incredible!"

Katy Perry ended the session by shouting, "This diamond's ready to sparkle!"