From music making, wood carving, to just sharing life stories, a Winnipeg group is infusing purpose for retired men.

"It's a group of retired men that want something to look forward to and to do," says Jerry Oleschuk, the Chairman of the Board for Woodhaven Men's Shed. "We talk, meet new friends, play cards, do some carving or glasswork. We've introduced some music with ukuleles and guitars."

At this time, the group has 55 members and they meet twice a week in the gymnasium at Westwood Community Church. 

"Once a month we have someone come in to speak."

The group of men come together to share life stories, have fun, as well as give back to the community. 

"I had somebody tell me about the group. They were doing volunteer work. I thought, you know, my wife says I get in trouble when I'm sitting around. As far as having close friends or something to do every day, I didn't have that," he says. 

Oleschuk has been a part of Men's Shed for ten years now.

"I got into carving and meeting with these people, and then we started doing a lot of volunteer work."

Collectively they have made picnic tables for Camp Manitou in Headingley, Man. They have also carved and created birdhouses and free libraries. 

"It's something to get out of the house. We find that ladies are able to do that. My wife does that very well, she goes to lunches and has different groups. The men don't do that. You come here and the men are from all walks of life. From management right down to people that delivered stuff, from anywhere in life. The stories that come out, it's a real fun time."

The group welcomes anyone that is interested. 

"We've also had some people with dementia. We've given their wives free time for three hours that we'll look after the gentlemen. We're also getting ladies coming, as we've hired an artist to come twice a month to do sketching and watercolours."

On December 8, Men's Shed will be having a Christmas party with their own symphony.