You saw it yesterday, we all saw it yesterday. Snow.

It may have been liquidated immediately upon hitting the ground, but it was the sight of snowflakes falling delicately that provided the otherwise blunt reality - Winter is on its way, climaxing in scenes like you see in the picture above.

Aptly timed, it is then, that our friendly neighborhood vehicle safety organization is letting us in on some safety advice. CAA has unveiled a number of "tips" for winter drivers in getting their cars ready for colder temperatures and snowy conditions - though they're calling them tips, we here at CHVN are thinking they are actually good ideas that everyone should make a point of implementing to their gasoline steed for the cold jaunt through snow.

Check out their list below:


Tips for getting your vehicle ready for winter

Winter tires

-          Put them on, now. Don’t wait until the snow flies. Winter tires actually start to show their superiority around 7 degrees Celsius.

-          If you don’t have them, get them. MPI now offers low-interest loans to help Manitobans afford this invaluable piece of safety equipment.

Get a check-up

-          Belts, hoses and fluids. Head to a CAA approved garage and ensure your belts and hoses are working properly and your antifreeze is the correct mixture.

-          Check your oil. Ensure your oil is at an acceptable level. Consider using an oil with a lower viscosity in bitterly cold temperatures, like synthetic varieties.

Pack your car

-          Prepare for emergencies. Have an emergency kit ready in your car (these are available at any CAA branch)

-          Get ready for snow. Put a snow brush and ice scraper in your car


As CAA' Angele Young explains, each of these preparations will move one step closer to safer driving and fewer hassles to deal with as you commute throughout the province this winter.

More Comprehensive information from CAA on winter preparation for vehicles can be found here.

Stay safe, Winnipeg!