Two brothers are facing fines after a judge says they made spectacles of themselves attempting to be martyrs.

On Wednesday, brothers Pastor Artur Pawlowski and Dawid were given a sanction from Queen's Bench Justice Adam Germain in Calgary. CBC Calgary says the judge told the men, and a cafe owner, they were on the wrong side of science after breaching a judicial order to follow Alberta's public health orders.

The brothers and the cafe owner held an anti-restriction rally and actively encouraged people to gather in large groups without masks. This includes church services, denying health officials entry to the church. The judge said the men made it difficult for the province's inspectors to enter their ministry, saying they were being abusive. The Pawlowskis are known as street preachers with Street Church in Calgary.

Germain told the court this contributed to Alberta's dangerous health situation. The judge told the brothers that they had the "fervent desire" for the judge to martyr them as they taunted the court in hopes of more jail time.

The men were fined, with Artur ordered to pay a $23,000 fine and serve 18 months probation, and Dawid fined $10,000 and ordered to serve 12 months on condition. They are ordered to service 120 hours each of community service at a homeless shelter, food bank or charity, excluding their own street ministries.

They are being ordered, if preaching anti-vaccine and anti-restriction opinions, to share a disclaimer that their thoughts may not be held by medical experts and what the majority of medical experts are recommending regarding vaccination and physical distancing. 

Artur is facing more charges after disobeying a court order that was not addressed in this court hearing. He was arrested on a Calgary tarmac in September after flying to the United States for a speaking tour sharing anti-vaccine statements for previous outstanding warrants.