Calvin Christian School is hitting the stage again for the first time in three years with Forgiven, A Fairy Tale.

"It's a fractured fairy tale of redemption from the darkness and isolation that unforgiveness can bring into our lives," director Keriann Stone says. "It's told in three parts. There's a main character, Elle, who narrates the story. We have Lizzie who is her past self as a younger version. And Elizadora who I brought with me today."

Elizadora is portrayed by Annabelle Hollins. "The character that goes real dark and wants the revenge on anyone who ever hurt her in high school," Stone says. 

While Hollins says her on-stage character is different than how she is in real life, it's been fun playing the role. "It's fun to go in a character's shoes."

For Malachi Jansen, his on-stage character is closer to his real-life self. "It's not too hard. I play the laid-back king of the valley and I kind of fit that role." 

Stone says she's excited to bring the play to life. "I picked this about three years ago. With the division, as we were coming out of those pandemic times, it seemed like a good way to bring everyone back together." 

Stone also says that she hopes that viewers will see, "the wonderful representation of how we make choices and we're not stuck in those places. Our human heart may not fathom the power of what God has done from the beginning to the end, but it's my deep hope through this production that viewers will come away with a deeper understanding of how Jesus came to save us with a perfect example of forgiveness and what that really looks like." 

The doors on May 7 & 9 open at 6:15 p.m. before it starts at 7 p.m. To purchase tickets, visit the collegiate campus office, call 204-222-7910 or email or at the door on show night. 

Grade 6 and under are free. Students (Grades 7-12) are $5. Adults are $10. The family cap is  $30.