Canada Post is asking pet owners to wave "hello" instead of opening their doors when employees drop off mail.

The delivery service estimates 41 per cent of their customers have a dog in their households but due to the increase in customers and children being home this season, issues with the pets are arising. 

"As much as we love our canine pets, they are protective of their home and their family, and it’s impossible for delivery agents to know how any dog will react when they approach your home to deliver the mail. Dog incidents can range from encounters with threatening dogs to being attacked and bitten," Canada Post says in a statement.

Canada Post is finding that owners often are opening their doors and retrieving their animals in the process, making it difficult for employees to distance themselves and increasing the risk for dog bites. 

They are asking dog owners to help keep employees safe by letting delivery agents leave the mail at the door instead of owners opening their doors.

Canada Post says customers can let the delivery agent knock on the door, waiting until they have left before opening it. They ask that owners keep their pets behind doors or fences to keep employees safe.

Canada Post says that owners can still be friendly to workers by offering them a wave from the window.