After recently moving to Winnipeg, Canadian Christian artist Quincy Telus has released a new soulful single.

"I've moved around a lot because of school and my dad's work," says Telus. "I've lived in Edmonton, Regina, Moosemin, Ottawa, Sudbury, a few places in B.C. and a couple of small towns in Saskatchewan."

For the past nine months, Telus and his family have made Winnipeg their new home. 

Telus recently released a new single, 'Hold On.' Previously he released 'Where Were You' that made it's way onto radio airwaves. 

"I wrote [Hold On] during my grade 12 year. It was when I was deciding where I wanted to go to university if I wanted to go to university. It was a song asking for God's promise."

To keep himself busy, Telus has a retail job, runs track at the University of Manitoba, and is taking a music mentorship.

"I'm part of a mentorship program right now through Creative Manitoba. Anytime I'm not at work or at the track I'm at the studio working with J.P. Peters. I'm learning everything there is to know about producing."