A missionary couple from Manitoba is working hard to bring the good news of Jesus to a country that is in the midst of turmoil and violence.

Brother Bruce from Kleefeld works for Advancing Indigenous Missions. He is in contact with a missionary couple from Winnipeg that is in Myanmar right now and caught in the middle of the country's violence.*

"The army is classically anti-Christian. The worship system of the whole country, which is 90 per cent Buddhist, can't disagree with them. If anybody will not get food, Christians are fist in line for getting that kind of treatment."

Christians in Myanmar continue to live in constant fear following the coup d'état that took place last February.

"We need to pray for the country, that they will be able to feel the hand of God during the turmoil."

The army has taken over the government, in a country with the longest standing civil war in history. 

"My friend was warned that he was a target. Number one he's a leader of Christians. Number two, he was running a Bible school. (The army) had recently jailed a Bible school president."

This friend of Brother Bruce disappeared into the hills for a while. 

"It's interesting because he went and preached to thousands and hundreds came to Christ. In a time of chaos when you are trying to be invisible and secret. It doesn't sound logical but that's what happened."

The couple has children but is remaining nameless as they are trying to stay safe. Brother Bruce recently got a letter from them. 

"We're grateful we're able to move around the city with much care," the missionaries say in the message. "Many people in uniform are around. Your phone and bags you carry, your laptop is the main target. you can lose your money and wallet at this point as we're still under martial law. There are explosions in many places in the country." 

The couple says that they pray constantly. "We pray for the Lord's grace and mercy for our people each day. Our commander and chief is the same, and he's not talking about the army. He does not change, according to Hebrews 13. We take comfort in Him and His words."

The couple not only prays for the people in the country but also for North Americans. 

"We pray for you each day. Thank you for your tireless work and help you provide, and your partnership in the gospel in our country. Continue to pray for God's grace on us as we serve."


*We are not naming the couple to protect their identity.