A single mom is hoping to encourage others after returning to what she enjoys the most, writing music.

Carine Bado is a worship leader in Winnipeg, but also a Christian artist. The inspiration for her first single, 'Love Story', off her upcoming album, was inspired by her son.

"I was inspired by my relationship with my son. I'm a single mother. My son is always fascinated with me. It's reflected on me in a sense that, that's exactly how God loves us. I like the simplicity of just saying to God how much we love Him," Bado says. 

Found and Crowned is the title of Bado's first EP coming out in 2022. The six songs on it follow the prodigal son's journey. 

"I'm going to be releasing songs throughout the year, starting now with 'Love Story,' and a second song will be released in October."

The EP was birthed from a hard season in her life. 

"Four years ago I went through a divorce. The story of the prodigal son really resonated in a different way. I experienced the same story as someone who is still a believer, a Christian but feels lost. I had to find a way back to myself, and doing the things that I loved."

She gave up music and writing songs for a while. 

"Years ago I didn't even see myself doing music. But then when this happened, I was able to go back to God and really ask Him for direction. I feel like my connection with God is so alive now."

Bado shares that she hopes the songs will inspire people.

"It’s not just finding my way but living a new life that l am leading that’s full of joy. The best life that I‘ve never dreamed about. It’s really about encouraging people to believe that God has a beautiful plan and it will come to pass."

While no shows or events are lined up right now for the singer, she is open to performing in front of people again. 

"If anything opens, I'm ready to connect with people, with churches, and the community, and share my gifts."