Siloam Mission's approach to helping people experiencing homelessness is to care for every part of their life. 

"We help people holistically which means we address the entirety of people who are experiencing homelessness. It's a complicated issue and based on my experience, we are addressing the spirit, the soul, and the body," says Pastor Andy Capesinio, the Spiritual Care Supervisor at Siloam Mission. 

"I have seen a lot of people being transformed by the grace of God."

The non-profit organization offers everything from a meal to those coming off the street, to a warm bed overnight, to health care, and even to transitional housing in hopes of meeting all the needs of Winnipeg's vulnerable population. 

"We do devotions for the community in person in the morning, reading the Bible and Daily Bread. From there, my work is the entry point of building and connecting relationships. They can stay in the room to connect with me one-on-one to talk about their spiritual journey and struggle."

Capesinio has been working at Siloam for six years and has seen God move in people's lives during that time. 

 "The first year you don't really see people moving. For the first three years, you are planting seeds. Now, in six years I have seen a lot of people being transformed by the grace of God. By that I mean they have their own place, their own job, and they are reintegrated."

As a pastor, he has also seen spiritual healing in people's relationships. 

"One afternoon an aunt and daughter came to Siloam looking for this woman. I saw God's grace working that day. I saw crying from healing and reconciliation between a mom and a daughter. Her mom had been missing for more than a year," he says. 

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