A new worship remix in a less-than-traditional musical style has dropped from some big names in Christian music.

The Christian rock band Casting Crowns has teamed up with American Christina hip-hop artist KB to drop a trap worship remix, Rapzilla reports.

Casting Crows announced the remix on their social media Friday.

"(KB) loves Jesus, he loves people, and he loves God's word," the band says about the collaboration.

"It's an honour to join with him on this song."

The collab resulted in a new sound for the song "Start Right Here" released by Casting Crowns in 2018.

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KB brought his ability to adapt and transition through worship music in his own hip-hop style to the legendary group's hit song.

"Change that lasts has to start with God's people first," Casting Crowns writes in their post.

The online response to the song so far has been mixed, with some fans loving the result and others still not too sure of the vibe.

Decide for yourself by taking a listen below: