The man behind one of the largest independent Christian publishers in the world is stepping down after 47 years.

Mark Taylor, chairman and CEO of Tyndale House Publishers, has decided to retire, CBN news reports.

The Illinois-based company generates more than $100-million in revenue each year.

Taylor is responsible for developing the Holy Bible New Living Translation (NLT). He also was behind the recent merger of Tyndale House Publishers and Tyndale House Foundation, which formed Tyndale House Ministries, a non-profit.

Though Taylor plans to step down as CEO in March 2021, he says he will continue as chairman of the Tyndale House board. The company is currently using a search company to evaluate both internal and external candidates for Taylor's replacement this spring.

Taylor is the son of Dr. Kenneth N. Taylor, who founded Tyndale House.

The company began in 1962 to publish a paraphrased version of the Bible written by Kenneth in 1954 while riding the commuter train to his job in Chicago, The Living Bible.

Kenneth's translation was born from his concern that his 10 children were not easily understanding the King James Bible, which was the most popular Bible translation at the time.

The company now publishes nonfiction and fiction, in addition to children's books, products, and various Bible translations, all with the goal of helping Christians in their faith.