Chaplains from the Billy Graham Evangelical Association of Canada's (BGEAC) Rapid Response Team (RRT) are in Quebec City ministering to a community shaken by this past week's terror attacks. 

Alexandre Bissonnette has been charged with six counts of first-degree murder and five counts of attempted murder after he entered a mosque in the city's community of Ste-Foy this past Sunday and opened fire.

The BGEAC's Rapid Response Team arrived on Monday to provide spiritual support and help people work through their grief. It's a community that is in disbelief and shock, according to Merle Doherty, the manager of the Rapid Response Team.

Doherty notes that the local church has been reaching out to the Muslim community. Local pastors are gathering in the city tonight for a prayer meeting and discuss how they might provide support to Muslims. "What I'm seeing is a unity of the Christian community that's reaching out and saying, 'We are grieving with you.'"

The RRT is made up of volunteer chaplains trained to help people in crisis. For the most part, Doherty said, they are providing a ministry of presence around the memorial site. "People recognize that place now as a sacred space; we're simply there to listen to people - to open up a conversation and listen to them as they work through their shock and grief."

Doherty notes that the Christian community can pray for the community of Quebec City, and that they continue to life one another up. "This has been a community impact. Unfortunately one faith-group was targeted, but this has impacted an entire community. We need the prayers of lifting up that community."