MercyMe has hit an unprecedented milestone in the world of Christian music with the band's latest single, "To Not Worship You."

The band already held the record for the most No. 1s on Billboard’s Christian Airplay and Christian AC Airplay charts. Now, the new single has hit No. 1, putting them at 19 and 20 No. 1s on the respective charts.

The song is an interesting take on a worship song. 

"We always thought the title, 'To Not Worship You,' would be enough to intrigue someone to go, 'OK, I need to at least know what in the world he's talking about,' because it is kind of an odd title," lead singer Bart Millard says in a video posted to the band's YouTube channel.

He says the thought came from a discussion between bandmates as they talked about friends who had left their faith. 

"It literally came from a conversation of us just going, 'Man, how does someone doubt what they're going through?' Because, if you remember that, you know, this is the God that is so big, so huge that He and only He tells the stars when to shine," Millard says. "If we can recall these things, then who are we to ever not worship Him?"

MercyMe is currently on tour in the U.S.A. with David Crowder