Lauren Daigle stuns fans at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado by bringing out former America's Got Talent (AGT) contestant, Ava Swiss.

In part of her two-night concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Daigle brought up Ava Swiss who is a former AGT contestant and also an Oxford High School shooting survivor to sing her 2018 song, "Remember."

Swiss's story is well known due to her time on AGT, and she says that the song helped guide her through her time of struggle and recovery from the shooting in November of last year.

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"Ava has something so potent to sing for," explains Daigle. "I was so moved by her story… by her bravery, I went backstage earlier and just started bawling (because) I’m so proud of her, and she is so loved. I hope that our donation (to "42 Strong") will make a difference."

After the performance, Daigle presented Swiss with a $25,000 cheque from Daigle's Price Fund to benefit "42 Strong," which is a non-profit organization started by one of the victim's families of the Oxford shooting. Its mission is to "create a better future by helping students develop a greater sense of purpose, community, and resilience."

Daigle's Price Fund is also going to match that amount and give another $25,000 to Colorado's Healing Fund, an organization that "provides immediate and long-term support to victims’ families and survivors" after they have experienced mass violence in their lives.

The performance by the duo drew the crowd to tears, along with the duo on stage after they shared an embrace afterwards.

Daigle took to Instagram after the performance with a video of the two women singing the song with the caption, "I had the most memorable time singing with you @avaswissmusic."

Daigle recently hinted at releasing a new album during her concert in Las Vegas. There are no details right now, but the last album she released was back in 2018.