The band We Are Messengers are releasing what they claim to be their 'most important song we've written', titled "Image of God".

For a week now they have posted videos and clips hinting to this song on social media. 

In a Facebook post alongside the new video, the band says, "You and I are brothers and sisters, each one perfectly formed by our creator. You are completely worthy of being loved and of incomparable value because you are fearfully and wonderfully made by God."

The band was formed in Ireland and only released their first album in 2016. 

The lead singer, Darren Mulligan was previously in what he calls a "hardcore scream-o band' and lived the rockstar lifestyle. 

In the post online, he says, "We are not the things we’ve done or the mistakes we’ve made. We are not defined by our political affiliations, our backgrounds or the color of our skin."

The band has been touring with their message of hope across the US since their first album release.

The post ends with, "Let this new We Are Messengers song wash over you and remind each of us that every person we meet today is made in the image of God. Let’s do better at recognizing that in each other and let’s go easy, walk slow and love well."