The members of five major Christian rock/metal bands are joining to form one super band, releasing new music together. 

Five members are joining together to create one superband called World Gone Cold.

It is comprised of Mark Anthony from The Letter Black, Andrew Stanton from Disciple, Traa Daniels from P.O.D., Yogi Watts from Demon Hunter, and Ryland Raus from Inhale Exhale. 

According to NewReleaseToday, the project was started by Anthony of The Letter Black. 

"[He] set out determined to create unapologetically heavy music with memorable melodic bite. 'I wanted to make a metal record, just for myself... But the thing about doing a solo album by yourself? It just isn't as fun.'"

While each band released an album in the past few years, their goal with this new project is to create organic metal and rock radio-ready songs.

"[The band is] steadfast believers in a higher purpose... seeking to warm the blood and soothe the soul with uplifting hard rock music capable of shining a light in these dark times."