Phil the Voice, a survivor of child abuse himself, is speaking and rapping against human and sex trafficking, bringing to light that it's a big issue with boys too.

His brand new song about this topic is 'Stop the Traffic', and he shares on social media that it is dedicated to the 1,100 boys trafficked daily. 

The song was inspired by Phil's wife, Melanie. She recently travelled to Greece & Spain to help Project Rescue’s fight against human trafficking and other refugee issues, according to a report by The Christian Beat

"Human trafficking and sexual exploitation are often thought to be a female issue,” Phil tells Jessie Clarks with The Christian Beat. “Yet the stats clearly show that men are a significant percentage of those affected."

From Melanie's trip, to a song, the passion to help boys in sex trafficking has now become a tour with multiple artists and venues in California happening early this December. 

Phil shares in his interview that there are three goals for this Stop the Traffic Tour. 

"We want to first off, raise awareness," he says. "Secondly, we want people to be able to recognize when people are trafficked. And third, we want to be able to report it. With that being said, Of course, the implication is that salvation is transpiring."

Phil's abuse as a child happened to him in a ministry setting, proving that it can occur anywhere. 

"Going through abuse myself, as a child, in the church at that, I kept it a secret until my 20s, out of fear of judgment," Phil says.

"Men tend to receive stigma and dismissal when they share their similar stories. According to a few academic journals I have read, this taboo and subsequent harsh treatment are intensified exponentially by men who have experienced human trafficking. As a result, their voices are not being widely heard. My song gives a voice to these boys."

The tour will feature Phil, as well as 1K Phew, Bizzle, Arize, A.I. the Anomaly, and Miles Minnick.