Four Christians in Laos were arrested and imprisoned earlier this summer after being charged with "breaking the unity of the community" and "gathering people for worship without permission."

The Christians are from four different villages but attended the same church, Open Doors USA reports.

Now in prison, they have been placed in separate cells. One, who Open Doors USA has called Inthy to protect his identity, has begun to teach a persecution preparedness program.

Recently, the mission that supports persecuted Christians was able to meet with these believer's wives. It was learned the believers had been monitored by authorities prior to their arrest.

Local partners of Open Doors in Laos say there have been a recent revival of arrests made against Christians under other vague charges.

A group of pastors was also recently arrested separately for their ministry work under similar circumstances.

Inthy was only recently released from an isolation cell known as the "dark room." He had been left with his hands and feet shackled for nearly 50 days.

Open Doors says this cell is designed for hardened, "hardcore" criminals.

The ministry says their partners in the area also say the community where the imprisoned believers attended church together has become more hostile towards Christians.

Open Doors is requesting prayer for the Laothian believers; for their wives, for their church community, for other believers in the area, and for the Lord to continue to strengthen the faith of Christians in Laos.

Laos is the 20th country listed on Open Doors' World Watch List for severe Christian persecution.