An American Idol contestant passionate about sharing God's amazing love has moved on to the next round. 

Megan Danielle will be featured in the finale as one of the top three contestants on the popular talent show. 

"Thank you, Jesus, for these incredible opportunities! My heart is full!" said Danielle in a post on Facebook. 

On Sunday evening, Megan sang a pair of songs, 'You Can't Stop the Girl' by Bebe Rexha and 'Carried Me With You' by Brandi Carlile.

Luke Bryan said her performance was effortless and so natural, adding that he's loved voice since day one. Lionel Ritchie said that artists pray for people to recognize them in the first 15 seconds of a song and that Danielle has that kind of voice. Katy Perry added that she brings her to an angelic place when she sings. 

"WOW! Thank y'all. I'm so honoured and grateful!" said Megan in a Facebook post. "Let's keep sharing the light and love of Jesus."