Members of tribal religions in various villages around the state have taken it upon themselves to starve and attack Christians living among them.

25 people, including four babies, were left homeless after three Christian families were attacked, and Christians in India's Chhattisgarh state are being refused both work and food.

The attack occurred on May 23, 2019.

Philip Veeti, a pastor in the area, reported that the homes of Christians in Chhattisgarh are in shambles.

"They dumped food grains sufficient to feed the Christians for the entire year in the drain," Veeti said, according to Evangelical Focus (EF). "The families are hardly able to fill their stomachs with the limited provisions they have."

Christians were warned then that if they would not abandon their faith, they would be killed. The families refused, and a mob destroyed their homes. Some of the family members fled while others are now living under trees and in a shed made of wood and grass.

EF also reported that the families had been attacked by the tribal members prior in 2017 and were told to stop worshipping in their village.

The police have proved unreliable to Christians in the area, who ask now only that the authorities protect their houses.

In Charama village, another Christian family has been denied the ability to buy food and other necessary items because of their beliefs. Following a meeting early in May that the family had been ostracized, shopkeepers started to refuse to sell to them.

Eight other Christian families have been banned from working in the Dhamtari District after their village council decided in March that Christians would not be allowed to work in the village or on their own land.

Yet another village has undergone rituals that were organized in an attempt to reconvert Christians to their former religions, an attempt to cleanse the village from Christianity according to a mother in the village.

On the Open Doors USA 2019 World Watch List of countries for persecution of Christians, India is ranked 10th.