A Christmas Day terrorist attack on a church in the Pakastani city of Peshawar was stopped by police, but a missions organization says the terrorists are already back on the streets.

Mission Network News reports that "security forces raided a house several miles away from the church. Police were seen arresting four terrorists and seizing several explosive devices, including suicide bomber vests. One of the men arrested was the leader of a banned militia in the country."

Bruce Allen of Forgotten Missionaries International (FMI) tells MNN they've been told that the terrorists were already released. “Our partner on the ground who lives in that district was a witness to the raid. He saw the men arrested. He now sees them back out on the streets. So they have not been detained. They were politely taken to a police station, interrogated, maybe some paperwork was drawn up, but they’re still back out on the streets.”

In 2013, suicide bombers killed over 100 Christians at the All Saints Church in Peshawar.

Allen says, “It is conceivable that there would still be attacks in this area, this has been a hotbed of terrorist activity. In fact, one of our partners, the one who saw what was going on, and now the aftermath, he himself used to be a trainer of terrorists.”

"Allen says Pakistani Christians often see people in the street who they know are terrorists, but they still reflect Christ’s peace to those who would be their enemies. Many have even reached out to share the Gospel with known terrorists," MNN reports.

Allen says that Christians in the city “just want to get together and celebrate what was great news that should bring good joy to people: of the birth of a Savior, the one who came as the Prince of Peace. They can’t even do that in peace.”