Health officials are reminding Manitobans that they can video chat, call, and take walks in small groups outside this Christmas.

While many other neighbouring provinces are allowing some non-household gatherings this Christmas, Manitoba is not. Manitobans are being reminded that people are not permitted to gather at the private residences of households other than their own.

"We are not promoting gatherings. You are not supposed to have people over at your home." Deputy Chief Public Health Officer Jazz Atwal says. "There are no parties, no dinners, etc. You want to stick to your household that is at your residence. It is very black and white."

Single-person households continue to be permitted to socially visit their chosen household. This means if a senior or other person lives alone but has chosen to visit one household throughout the lockdown, they can continue to visit with them on Christmas.

While private residences are off the table, Manitobans can continue to meet in groups of five or fewer in public spaces.

While Christmas Eve's temperatures are dipping low, Southern Manitobans can expect a warm Christmas Day. The weather is well-suited for outdoor activities such as tobogganing and skiing.

"It is good to get out. It is good to get some exercise," the doctor says. "But you still want to try to restrict it to your household if you can. Essentially outside of exercising or enjoying the outdoors for a period of time you want to be at home."

This means if a Manitoban is hoping to get outdoors, they can take a physically-distanced walk with others from outside their household in groups of five people or fewer. Gathering on private property such as in a driveway, on a porch, or around a backyard bonfire is not permitted.

The Province of Manitoba has confirmed enforcement officers will be on duty on Christmas.

While cases may have lowered for the short time being, the province is expecting COVID-19 cases to spike after the holidays.