Some changes are coming to how a faith-based facility can operate in Manitoba under the new health orders. Here's everything you need to know:

Starting at midnight on Sunday, religious gatherings will not be allowed under the new Public Health Orders.

Those who regularly work in a faith-based facility can work as usual following the health orders. As allowed previously under similar lockdowns, worship leaders can attend to record or live stream services, but congregants are not allowed.

Previously gatherings of 10 people or fewer were allowed in a faith-based facility for a religious service before the new changes were announced by Dr. Brent Roussin on Friday evening.

Weddings and funerals are allowed to occur with up to 10 people, not including the officiant or photographer.

Drive-in services continue to be permitted.

Self-help gatherings are restricted to 10 people or fewer.

These orders are in effect for three weeks.