An elder of a church in China has just been released after serving eight months in prison.

A member of early rain Covenant Church, Li Yingqiang is grateful to be back home, reunited with his wife and kids. From the Hubei province of China, Yingqiang was one of 100 members of his church who were arrested in a series of raids last December.

The elder must still report regularly to the local police station, CBN News reports.

Pastor Wang Yi was also imprisoned as a result of the December raids, and he along with many other members of the church still remain incarcerated. Their whereabouts remain unknown while they are detained by the Chinese government.

According to media reports, church members who have been released from prison have stated that Communist authorities have plans to charge the pastor with inciting to subvert state power, a crime that would result in 10 years imprisonment.

Wang Yi's house was first raided by police on December 9, and is believed to have been triggered by a manifesto written by Wang Yi on social media, entitled "Meditations on the Religous War." The manifesto expressly condemns the Chinese communist government and promotes Christians participating in acts of disobedience.

The pastor has also condemned the government for enforcing worship of Chinese President XiJinping, an idea he calls "morally incompatible with the Christian faith and all those who uphold freedom of the mind and thought."

Wang Yi's unregistered church began in 2006. Now, with over 500 members, it has stood in defiance to the work of China's Communist Party, which has worked to shut down churches across the country recently, even bulldozing churches and mosques. President Xi Jinping has also ordered for all religions to "sinicize," showing their loyalty to the party.

"The goal of disobedience is not to change the world, but to testify about another world," said Wang Yi prior to his arrest.

Jiang Rong, Wang Yi's wife, and their son were both released after six months in prison.