A Pennsylvania megachurch is seeing its community come through for families affected by a serious crash this week.

Freshman and sophomore girls were travelling back home Sunday after a Lives Changed By Christ (LCBC) Church's fall retreat when they got into a serious bus crash. All but one of the 31 people on the bus were sent to the hospital, with four of those people injured being airlifted out. The church says hours later, most were released from the hospital and 10 of the crash victims needed further care, including three in critical condition.

"Thank you for your overwhelming support and continued prayers over these past 48 hours. We continue to hear inspiring stories of how you're being the Church through this situation," David Ashcroft, the church's senior pastor writes in an update.

He says the LCBC church community has been stepping up to help, including two church members rushing to bring a hospitalized girl new glasses after hers were lost.

"We've also been amazed by the number of LCBC nurses, doctors and medical professionals who have stepped forward to pray and provide care for the girls and leaders."

Church members have been praying and caring for those directly affected by the crash, including medical staff who are part of their church community. 

"As I've had the opportunity to connect with the families, I've heard over and over again how much they appreciate the care and support they are receiving from LCBC and how much they appreciate all the prayers."

Out of the 30 originally sent to the hospital 10 students and volunteers remain, all "taking positive steps in their recovery journey."