There is one change coming to Manitoba's indoor faith-based gatherings this weekend.

Masks will be required while in all indoor public spaces, including places of worship, starting on Saturday.

This is the only change coming to faith gatherings, despite a large change regarding vaccine requirements for many other public spaces.

Many indoor public spaces, such as gyms and theatres, will be reopening at full capacity, starting on Friday, September 3, exclusively for those who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, including gyms and theatres. Faith-based gatherings, funerals, weddings, and similar indoor events will not have this requirement, only following the capacity limits previously set out.

"We felt for the announcement right now, today this was the set of rules that we will bring in, for now. In those other situations, we do have capacity restrictions, we do have other protocols in place, and then we still want to engage largely in that community to see where to go for future control," Dr. Brent Roussin says.

The chief says these settings have always had different orders, pointing to constitutional protections as a reason for the different orders.

"These are immediate announcements here but I think if you compare us to other jurisdictions, these are from some very broad vaccine passport recommendations here."