A northern Manitoba community is being recognized for its natural beauty.

Churchill has been listed as one of Time magazine's "World's Greatest Places of 2023".

"From Polar bears to beluga whales and northern lights," Travel Manitoba says, "this northern wonder is an extraordinary destination we're proud to have."

Time Magazine says Churchill is one of the best spots to catch the northern lights because it sits below the "auroral oval," meaning the sky often dances to life in even just-fine conditions—over 300 nights a year.

"This year, we have seen some of the most amazing lights, so it's no surprise that we've been highlighted for our Aurora Season!" said the Town of Churchill in a Tweet.

Churchill joins 49 other destinations on the list, including Kyoto, Barcelona, Vienna, Dominica and Jerusalem.

This is not the first time that Manitoba has been recognized. In 2021, Winnipeg was recognized for its wide array of arts and culture.