After hearing news of Christian singer Carman's passing, CHVN listeners are eager to share their memories of attending Carman concerts.

The Gospel Music Hall of Fame member Carman died in a Las Vegas hospital on February 16, 2021, at the age of 65. He had a 50-year music career and impacted many lives with his Christian hits. 

Rochelle Ginters went to two Carman concerts, one in 1995 and the other in 1999.

"Some things that really stood out about the concert were his joy and his singing, just making every song sound so fresh. His concerts were free so you could invite lots of people and family along to come and watch," she says. 

At both concerts, Ginters, her husband, and two sons travelled to Minneapolis to see him sing. 

"A few favourite songs of mine would be 'The Champion'. Our youth group had done a human video to that song. Another favourite was 'This Blood' as our youth group did another human video to it. I remember seeing a lady in the audience sobbing during it. His songs definitely made an impact on people," says Ginters.

While another listener doesn't remember too much about the singing aspect, the concert and message had a powerful impact on her life. 

"What I do remember being about 14 years old, so mid-teens, and going to his concert with youth and rededicating my life to Jesus."

Kelly Gislason recalls going to a Carman concert in Winnipeg in the 90s. 

"I went with my mom and my brother, I was a teenager and it was at the U of W. It was filled with fans and there was a big stage in the middle and it was a lot of fun," says Kelly Gislason. 

The music impacted her life in a positive way, especially as a teenager. 

"I had my own mini-concert yesterday when I found out Carmen had passed away. I played 'Addicted to Jesus' for my kids today, we're homeschoolers, and they loved it."

Gislason was also impacted by Carman's song 'The Champion'. 

"Youth groups would do that skit. So many ministries benefitted from that song and it deeply impacted my life," she says.