"I was live on air when the second tower went down," says CHVN's first morning-show host, Tressa Lemky.

Lemky interviewed one of the survivors from the towers just a few days after that. Then, just two years ago, she went on a mission trip with the same man and survivor.

Lemky recalls 9/11 and all the events that day. She had what she calls a 'God-moment', feeling prompted to turn on the TV, and found out what was happening. She then called into the control room at the station to let them know what just happened in New York. 

This is the first memory that comes to mind for Lemky when she recalls working at CHVN. 

"By that time I was doing middays," says Lemky. She worked the morning show for almost a year before moving to the afternoon show. 

"For me, doing the morning show was really hard. Getting up at 4:00 am to be awake enough to sound like I was awake. After about roughly a year, I couldn't do it any longer."

Recalling that first shift, Lemky says, "I remember turning the mic on at six am, which in and of itself was a miracle I was up that early, and being nervous but excited because I knew that we were beginning something that was not only needed but was a privilege to be a part of it's beginning."

It was an interesting position for Lemky to take, as she doesn't consider herself a morning person. 

"When I think about the history of CHVN, we as a Christian radio station that plays Christian music as well, we were the voice of believers coming together to encourage one another."

Being a radio DJ wasn't Lemky's only job at the time. 

"Some know that I've been a professional model for over 40 years. I used to get ready for a lot of the shoots after the show and so I'd have curlers in my hair and I'd be doing my mascara. Malcolm Hunt [her co-host] would make hilarious fun of me."

She was at CHVN for roughly two years before she moved on to starting her own women's ministry called The Esther Touch.

"What I loved the most about being in radio, at a Christian radio station, was that I was able to share my heart, to relate to a lot of the listeners, and I would receive the most beautiful emails and cards."

Lemky says she still has everyone of them in her 'smile file' as a reminder of her time here.

"Whether it's the current COVID situation, or 9/11, or the joys of people's birthdays or whatever it is, CHVN has been there to celebrate, to encourage, to inspire, and to remind those that are listening that God is there."