The city is planning to break up the accumulated snow and ice after a bumpy start to the week.

This week has been an icy one so far for many Winnipeggers driving, biking, and walking in the snow. Ken Allen, the City of Winnipeg's Public Works communications coordinator, says it has been too cold to do a full scrape of the streets, instead opting for truck plows for major routes, bus routes, and collector streets in the meantime.

"With the warmer temperatures expected in the coming days, we’ll be switching to grader plows to allow us to get closer to the pavement and break up the accumulated ice and compacted snow more effectively," he says.

The clearing of back lanes, sidewalks, and active transportation paths is underway.

The CIty is spreading sand to increase traction on the road. The switch to salt will be made once temperatures rise above -7 degrees.

There are no service impacts due to COVID-19.