As Manitoba's flood forecast continues to improve the City of Winnipeg says it's busy preparing to protect at-risk properties.

Last Friday, the Province of Manitoba released its latest update on potential spring flooding. In that release the province said that based on weather conditions and current flows, it downgraded its previous forecast, tracking now towards 2017 levels. 

The peak Red River level in Winnipeg at James Avenue is expected to range from 15.5 to 20 feet, depending on future weather conditions.

"The forecasted river levels are below the level of the City of Winnipeg’s flood protection infrastructure, and the City is well prepared to deal with the upcoming water levels," the City says in a release.

The City says there are 16 properties that may be at risk of river flooding and may require dikes. The number of sandbags required is estimated at 10,000.  

The City is hand-delivering notices to affected property owners and will be surveying each of the identified properties to determine the location of potential dikes. We will provide further instructions directly to property owners who may, at some point, be required to build a dike. If a property owner has not heard from the City and believes their property is at risk of river flooding, they can contact 311.

As of 10:46 a.m. on Monday, March 28, 2022, the river level at the James Avenue gauge was 10.52 feet. River levels are available online at City of Winnipeg – Current river levels and updated in real time every 10 minutes.