The St. Vital community will have another space to enjoy outdoor activities at the new basketball court in the St. Vital Memorial Park.

To commemorate Glenlawn Collegiate's 100th anniversary, the City of Winnipeg has completed its latest project to provide a new recreational amenity accessible for both the school and residents in the neighbourhood.

"I am very pleased to have worked on this project for Glenlawn Collegiate. A few years ago, Principal Dionne Potapinski asked me about adding a basketball court at Glenlawn, and I am delighted to see the City of Winnipeg provide land and funding to make this project happen," says Councillor Brian Mayes, St. Vital. "The amenities at St. Vital Memorial Park are well-used and a key destination for families and youth in the area. The new basketball court will provide increased recreational opportunities for residents and give us spaces where we can enjoy time with family and friends."

Construction of the $275,000 court began in the summer of 2022, paid through Community and Neighborhood Parks funding in the City’s 2022 Capital Budget. The new asphalt court will receive rubber surfacing in June when weather conditions permit.

"Over the years we have noticed that our youth love to be outside at lunch and when they do not have a class. We wanted to make sure there were as many spaces available to them as possible, to be able to be active. The outdoor basketball court was the perfect fit to complement the other City of Winnipeg partnerships we have had, including the soccer pitch and the beach volleyball court. I want to thank Councillor Mayes and the City of Winnipeg for their continued support in making sure youth have healthy and productive spaces to spend their free time," says Principal Dionne Potapinski.

Glenlawn Collegiate alumni will be hosting a basketball tournament later today, prior to the 100th-anniversary celebrations, scheduled between May 18 and 20.

In conjunction with the City of Winnipeg, the Government of Canada, and the Province of Manitoba, St. Vital Memorial Park has received many significant upgrades in recent years, including; a new turf field, revitalization of Bonivital Soccer Club’s clubhouse, lights added to extend playing hours and a new beach volleyball court.