After over a week of blistering temperatures, the extreme cold warning in Winnipeg is over.

Environment Canada says as of 3:08 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, southern Manitoba is no longer expected to "reach extreme cold warning criteria."

"The biggest part of the winter is probably moving behind us as we speak here," Dan Kulak from Environment Canada says.

Kulak says the "Prairie-wide event" is over, with temperatures closer to a seasonal average early in the week. On Monday, Winnipeg is set to receive temperatures above the freezing mark at plus one degree but Kulak says colder temperatures are coming.

"Don't get too excited about a premature arrival spring. There is a possibility of some cooler weather coming back to southern Manitoba for the mid-part of next week, but it doesn't look at this point it is going to be anywhere as close to as cold as what we have just gone through."

With temperatures reaching as low as the -40 degree range, Winnipeggers had a frosty February. These temperatures are set to warm up in the upcoming days.

"Enjoy the warmer weather when it comes in later on this week, maybe later in the weekend

Earlier Tuesday morning, Kulak said Winnipeg was under winter's clutches for an extreme transition to the cooler temperatures for the past few days due to an Arctic cold. He says February was like "opening the freezer door." The record-breaking temperatures, in some areas going back more than 50 years, are set to warm up as an Arctic ridge of high pressure moves out of the province.

He says as spring arrives, Manitobans can expect seasonal Colorado lows and blizzards.