Environment Canada says that Winnipeg and the surrounding areas could see up to 50 mm more of rain starting Monday evening. 

"We're looking at yet another big Colorado low coming up from the United States," says James Knight, a meteorologist from Environment Canada. "It seems to be the same old story that we've seen over the last month or so. For the city of Winnipeg, the heavy rain will likely be starting in the evening. There's a chance we could see a thunderstorm in the afternoon."

The weather system will last from Monday evening through the night and into Tuesday morning. 

"Right now we're looking at some fairly heavy uncertainty when it comes to final numbers but broad totals of about 30 to 50 millimetres of rain before all is said and done Tuesday night."

On top of the downpour, some thunderstorms will be embedded in the system but Knight says it's hard to say exactly where those will be. With thunderstorms can come even more rainfall. 

There was a tornado watch for a wide area of Southern Manitoba on Sunday afternoon. However, Knight shares that nothing actually touched down.

"Our only report was of golf ball-sized hail in Boissevain yesterday evening."

On top of the heavy rain approaching Monday evening, there is heavy wind slated as well. 

"It's certainly going to be somewhat windy here. We're looking at gusts to 90 km/h later this evening and lasting through Tuesday for most of Westman. That could be creeping into the western Red River Valley by Tuesday. We'll be seeing gusts to about 80 km/h in the city so everything is waterlogged, it certainly isn't a help. It's all part of the same powerful Colorado low."

Knight says people should watch for downed power lines on the roads and broken tree branches. People are also encouraged to tie down loose objects in their yards or move them indoors during the weather system.