Churches, community groups, and individuals in Niverville have been working together to bring a refugee family to Niverville.

Local entertainers Jordan St. Cyr and Matt Falk are both involved with the group, Open Doors Niverville.

"We primarily exist to provide a safe place and a new life for this family of three that are going to be coming to live within our community," St. Cyr says.

The family is originally from Pakistan, where they were forced to flee from after the mother became a Christian. "Because of [becoming a Christian], she became heavily, heavily persecuted," Falk says.

The family left their home in Pakistan and went into hiding in Thailand. However, even there, they still are not safe. "They packed up everything and are now in hiding in Thailand. But they're not allowed to be there . . . they weren't safe at home, and now they're not safe in Thailand. They have to go out at night time in order to get food because if anyone recognizes them as not being from Thailand they're going to be thrown in prison. It's been happening with other refugees before."

It's given the Niverville group a real sense of urgency as they race to get the family to safety in Canada.

Despite the threats to their safety, the family remains unwavering. "It's [the mother's] faith and trust in God, that God has a purpose and plan for her life, that she keeps moving forward. It's amazing and inspiring," Falk says.

The group is raising funds that will help the family for the first year of their arrival, while they transition to life in Canada. 

"We're putting together a fantastic event for this Saturday to help fundraise," St. Cyr said. There are two portions to the fundraiser at the Niverville Heritage Centre, with family entertainment set up for the daytime, including children's entertainer Al Simmons, and bouncy castles. A coffee house and social follow in the evening with local entertainment including Shaun St. Cyr, and Wild Flower.

You can find more information and purchase tickets to the event here.