Commuter Challenge Week is looking different the second time around since the pandemic, but the organization is still encouraging families to be active. 

Kathryn Winkler is the National Coordinator for Commuter Challenge. Across Canada this year Commuter Challenge Week runs from May 31 until June 4.

"This year we're really encouraging people to walk, cycle, and telework. The idea especially with telework, we've opened up the program this year and encouraging people to log any active trip during the day while they're teleworking at home," she says.

Winkler says it can be as simple as taking a walk around the block or walking to the store for some essentials. 

"We are encouraging people to work from home but still be active and log those trips."

While the challenge is for all Canadians, a large number of Manitobans have accepted the challenge.

"Manitoba is really our biggest program. The Green Action Centre runs a fantastic program there. There are 319 workplaces that represent 119,000 employees in the province. People are registered and people are logging their commutes," says Winkler halfway through the challenge. 

The benefits of participating in the challenge are three-fold, according to Winkler. 

"We have triple-bottom-line benefits. Obviously the health benefits of an active commute. In saving money for not having to use your car, and the environment, you reduce emissions. Then with teleworking, you have more work/life balance. It's all-around great."