China’s “zero-COVID” policy is taking a heavy toll on civilians and the economy. Mental health challenges abound, and China’s unemployment rate just hit the highest point since February 2020.

“Our people in China are incredibly frustrated with this process. They wish it would be over,” Kurt Rovenstine of Bibles for China says.

New outbreaks raised concerns about a new round of coronavirus restrictions. Hundreds of students in Beijing held a rare protest as officials tried to seal them in their dorms.

Shanghai has been under lockdown for seven weeks, and there’s no end in sight. For the first time in nearly two months, authorities allowed some residents to leave their homes to buy groceries last week.

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Despite these trials, the Lord is working all things together for good. “I’m now sensing an increased spiritual fervour amongst the people we’re communicating with in China,” Rovenstine says.

“It’s almost as if the spiritual temperature is rising because of their challenges.”

Pray the Lord will give Chinese Christians His wisdom and boldness. Learn more about Bibles for China here.

“We have a long list of distributions that we’ve committed to. [Church partners are] ready to receive Bibles, and Bibles are available, but [it’s] an incredible struggle for the churches to gather.”

“This [test] between obedience to God and submission to the state is a huge challenge for our friends in China.”