Singer and songwriter, Cory Asbury performed for some special people this summer.

He was invited to put on a show at the Rutherford County Correctional Work Center in Tennessee.

The goal of the Correctional Work Center is to provide inmates with the opportunity to re-enter society with the skills necessary to lead a law-abiding, productive life and to be better prepared to transition back into the community without sacrificing public safety.

Late last month, Asbury posted a video of this performance.

"I wish I had some happy songs for y'all today, but I don't, 'cause life is hard, isn't it?" said Asbury to the crowd. "You lose friends. You lose family. Stuff happens. I'm the kind of guy that's like, let's talk about it."

Asbury then shared how he likes to talk to God in difficult seasons because he talks back. He says it helps him to heal. 

"I think that's maybe a lot of what y'all are going through right now."

He followed that up with a performance of his song 'Kind.'

"Beautiful. You're being the hands and feet of Jesus! Thank you for ministering to these men. I pray they find Jesus," said one fan on Facebook. "Thankful that you shine the light of Jesus to those that need to hear it," said another. 

Cory released a new album in September after a three-year hiatus.  The new project, Pioneer, shares life experiences that he has not previously spoken about. 

Asbury says this 11-song album is his attempt to provide a safe space for listeners to feel seen, loved and held.