Tamíris Muzini and Robert Douglas are adjusting to life not only because they got married last week, but they are pet owners of a new dog.

Taking place in Brazil, when the bride arrived at the church, Muzini found the dog waiting at the entrance with her family.

"I thought that it was incredible! What is this dog doing here?" says Muzini. "I saw him next to my father waiting for me to get into the church and I thought that was it."

During the ceremony, while the couple exchanged vows the dog slept outside the church. Not barking, whining, or disrupting the event in any form.


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When the couple was walking out the door of the church, the dog got excited and jumped up on them and it was at that moment they had stolen their hearts. They took the animal home and named him Caramel.

"It's busy. There are a lot of things to do because we have other pets, I have two cats and one other dog and we're married now and everything at the moment is a little bit busy. But no doubt that it's amazing, lovely, and wonderful to have him with us here at home."

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The wedding was on July 4, and on July 5 they had to take Caramel to the vet because he had an injured paw and scars on his body.

"We were at the vet to check out everything with him and now he's good, but he had a broken paw. Now, a month later, he is ok from the broken leg and other things."

The couple has received a lot of good feedback about their story and has created an Instagram account to keep Caramel's fans updated on how he's doing.