Amidst the blast and destruction of rockets, a couple began their lives together in a bomb shelter Tuesday.

Israel was hit with more than 200 rocket blasts from the Gaza Strip last week.

But that was not enough to deter Dor and Orel Huri from saying "I do," reports Faithwire.

The groom's sister, Karin Kleinberg, shared the couple's wedding on Instagram.

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Held in a bomb shelter, the wedding was not the ideal celebration which the couple had planned for. Only 100 of their 1,000 guests were able to fit into the bomb shelter for the ceremony.

In her post, translated by The Times of Israel, Kleinberg wrote: "Because the situation [of rocket fire] continued, the guests were afraid to go and the couple decided that, while the event they had dreamed of would not happen, the wedding would be held."

The Huris plan to hold a larger celebration later this month to be able to share their new marriage with all of their intended guests.

Ambassador Danny Danon, representative to the United Nations from Israel, praised the wedding in an online post.

"Due to the shower of rockets on Israel, a beautiful young couple held its wedding in a bomb shelter yesterday," Danon says.

 "Our #Jewish tradition is stronger than everything."

The rocket attack was done by Islamic militants in retaliation to targeted airstrikes performed by the Israeli military that resulted in the death of the leader of an Islamic jihad terror group, Baha Abu al-Alta, and his wife.

The attack is reported to have lasted for two days and killed 34 Palestinians, also causing massive damage to the Jewish state.