A local animal shelter that cares for Winnipeg's homeless cat population may have to shut down in less than three months if it doesn't recieve more donations.

Lynne Scott is the executive director of Craig Street Cats. She says the donations during the holiday season were slow, which has led the shelter into a dire time.

She says the organization is currently short $10,000 monthly.

"We need to see funding of around $20,000 a month that is reliable," Scott says. "People who have committed to monthly donations of $10, $15, $20 a month totalling around $20,000. It costs more than that to run here, but adoption fees and fundraising events can make up the difference."

Scott says the best way you can help is to sign up as a monthly donor. You can also make one-time donations or hold a small fundraiser yourself.

For more information on how to donate and about Craig Street Cats, visit the shelter's website.