Local legend 'Dancing Gabe' says his mom and dad would be proud of his work.

For years, Winnipeggers have come to expect Gabriel Langlois, Dancing Gabe's smooth moves to accompany them at sporting events. Attending more than only Goldeyes, Blue Bomber, and Jets games, Gabe has a clear love of sports.

"You know what? It is tough, the toughest year ever. No fun at all," Gabe says.

What many people do not know is that Gabe's love of his community extends past the stadium.

For over 30 years, Gabe has been volunteering at St. Vital YMCA-YWCA in the kid's corner. For years, Gabe has been assisting during the setting up and taking down the corner.

"Langlois is a beloved fixture at all Winnipeg sporting events since the 1980s, renowned for his dancing skills and his ability to rally the crowds and cheer for the home teams," Lt.-Gov. Janice C. Filmon says in a statement.

On Monday night, Gabe was honoured with a medal for his volunteer work. 

"It was fantastic. I got the Sovereign Medal," Gabe says. "Janice Filman, boy, she is really nice."

The Winnipeg icon was glad to get the award and had his late parents in mind when he received it.

"It is fantastic. Mom and dad would be proud." 

Now that there are no sports events going on, Gabe has not had the chance to groove.

While he is unable to dance in the stands, Gabe is keeping in shape, gearing up for the resumption of live sporting events.

"I am working out too."

Gabe is hoping that the events start up soon.

To help prevent the spread of the virus, Gabe has three tips for Winnipeggers.

"You gotta wash your hands, stay safe, and get a mask on."