Danielle Strickland says she's resigning from The Meeting House to stand in solidarity with a victim of abuse.

Strickland is an author, speaker, and global social justice advocate. She was a teaching pastor with The Meeting House in Ontario, up until this morning when she tweeted her resignation. 

"I’m doing this with great sorrow that it needs to be done," says Strickland on Facebook. "I’m called to walk in solidarity with the oppressed. The victim in this situation has been silenced through this process and devastated by the outcome."

At the end of November 2021, the Overseers Board of the church was made aware of allegations of sexual misconduct by Bruxy Cavey, Teaching Pastor at The Meeting House. Cavey was placed on a leave of absence while an external investigation took place.

While the findings have not yet been released to the public, Strickland has made her position known.

"I will use my platform and power to give a voice to the victim. I’ll be doing that through an Instagram live on Wednesday (I’ll confirm the time later)."

The Meeting House is based out of Oakville, Ont. and has several campuses.

"This is the way of Jesus," says Strickland. "And it’s the only way that truth, love and life can flourish and healing can come. I’m doing this for @themeetinghouse not against them."