Danny Gokey has started a new project in hopes of impacting lives across the globe.

In a post on social media last week, Gokey announced that through his foundation Better Than I Found It, he is taking a piece of land in Nashville and transforming it into something called Morehouse.

"God has always given us a more vision," said Gokey in a video. "Often the needs that we are asked to meet are just in time needs, which means access to the goods, they don't come as easy as they used to be, especially in this economy and inflation."

To help this, Gokey will build a storehouse that will allow the foundation to have easier access to the items needed.

"The hope is to fill the storehouse with things like diapers, hygiene supplies, food, clothing and shoes so we can let them access it."


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Gokey says the storehouse will allow the foundation to reduce costs and help more nonprofits.

"So excited to watch the vision for this land come to life, and for all of YOU who will get to be a part of that vision!" said Gokey in a post on Instagram.

Last year, through the Better Than I Found It foundation, Danny Gokey and his team helped over 250,000 people with tangible items they needed while spreading the love of Jesus and sharing the love of Jesus.