Grammy-award nominee and former American Idol finalist Danny Gokey is releasing a new single called 'Stand In Faith.'

"I want to share with you the heart behind the song. Hebrews 11:6 says that it is impossible to please God without faith. What is faith? Faith is the strongest reliance, it is the greatest form of trust that you put into someone," says Gokey in a video posted to his Facebook.

This single will be on his new, full-length studio album being released on August 20th. This new single was released on May 21. 

"When you don't have faith and trust in something, it means you can be suspicious about that person. That's why God gave us the Bible, to build faith."

Gokey goes on to share certain Scriptures and verses that were an inspiration for the song. 

"God moves through faith, miracles happen through faith. How many times did Jesus reach out to people when they got their miracle and say 'Your faith has made you whole.' Why? Because they actually believed that God was good."

Gokey has himself experienced great loss in his life when his first wife passed away just a few months after they got married. 

"When wrong things are happening, you can still move forward and trust and worship God. Faith is a currency to heaven that opens a door to blessing, good things, and a good future."

He since remarried and together the couple has four young children.