Denzel Washington is not only an A-list Hollywood actor but he's also known to share his faith and great advice with the up-and-coming crowd as he did with the NBA players recently. 

"Keep raising the standard about how you carry yourself," says Washington to Kyle Lowry, Jimmy Butler, and others professional athletes listening. "Keep teaching. Keep leading. Keep following. Learn from the best. That’s what I’ve done, and pass it on."

Washington has somehow been able to star in powerful films and roles while keeping his Christian faith intact. Many Hollywood actors continually come under scrutiny for their faith. 

"Last thing I’ll say, which I’ve said a lot of times. You never see a U-Haul behind a hearse. I’ll say it again. You never see a U-Haul behind a hearse. Can’t take it with you. Egyptians tried it; all they got was robbed."

Washington reminded the players that they are being watched, and they have the power of influence. 

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"Everybody is watching y’all; everybody’s got a favourite guy. I spoke to the Dodgers the other day. I went in with a Yankee hat on. I didn’t even care. Elston Howard was a black player in the 60s — and I wanted to be him. I tried to walk like him. I played catcher. So you know that they’re watching and they’re following."

He ended off encouraging the team to 'lead quietly' before he said, "God bless you brother, God bless you."