Dr. Brent Roussin says the 'just one-time' mentality on gatherings could lead to more cases of COVID-19.

Over the weekend, one COVID-19-positive person reported having 85 contacts. Dr. Brent Roussin says this is unacceptable.

"We are at the critical level now, we need to see these numbers come down immediately."

He is desperately asking Manitobans to "step up and do their parts," noting the success of the COVID-19 measures will only occur if all Manitobans follow them.

For the most part, Roussin says Manitobans are staying home but everyone needs to follow the orders.

"We are all responsible, so we all need to step up. Our actions have an effect on so many people around us."

Roussin says the "it is just one-time" mentality does not work during the current situation, saying the spread of the virus is at the population level.

"Our actions have an effect on so many people around us. So we just need to really focus right now on staying home."

The majority of COVID-19 cases are from community spread, meaning the province does not know exactly where they are contracting the virus. To slow down caseloads in already over-filled hospitals, Manitobans are asked to stay home as much as they can.

"I think it is a challenge. I think we are nine months in. And I think Manitonbans stepped up a lot at the beginning, and again most continue to."

He says he understands that Manitobans want to go out, but it is not the time.

"I think that it is the nature of how challenging it is, that there is now fatigue out there, but we do not have a choice."

While most people are following the orders, Roussin is seeing issues with businesses following the orders.

Roussin says businesses have been disobeying public health orders and that this is not acceptable. The province will be enforcing the public health orders to businesses that continue to not follow the orders. If a business is overcrowded, Roussin says to leave.

In the near future, enforcement will be discussed. There is the possibility of further COVID-19 restrictions.

"These are big decisions that impact all Manitobans," Roussin says. "All of these decisions are discussed with ministers before they are made."

He says those who do not follow the orders are putting the lives of Manitobans at risk. He says the time for action has passed, and Manitobans must follow the orders.