Several dignitaries were on hand this morning to unveil a newly renovated drop-in facility at Siloam Mission.

Thanks to $1,130,330 in funding received through the City of Winnipeg's Homelessness Partnering Strategy, Siloam Mission was able to complete major renovations to the busiest section of their Princess Street location.

Floyd Perras, Siloam Mission's Executive Director talks about today's event...


Perras says up until now, there hasn't been a place in Winnipeg for people who find themselves homeless, to leave their stuff throughout the day...

He says that the renovation has really brought the standard and quality of the facility up, adding an extra sense of dignity for the patrons.

The renovation took a total of four months to complete and also included new flooring and additional outer doors for temperature control.

Since 1987, Siloam Mission has provided meals, clothing and counseling services to the city's less fortunate that rely on emergency shelters. Siloam Mission assists in transitioning homeless and disadvantaged people to more self-sufficient and healthier lifestyles by providing referral services, life skill development, education upgrading and employment training opportunities.