The current drought will most likely continue through this upcoming week as another heat ridge moves from the west.

Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist Justin Shelley says that this past June was the fifth hottest on record. He explains how we'll see the heat return over the coming days.

"The heat dome is something that's not as common, but these individual heat events are quite normal for this time of year," says Shelley. "Later this week we see another upper ridge build over the region that's going to bring temperatures back into the low to mid-30s toward the end of next week and into the weekend."

He adds the drought is most likely going to continue, as heat systems like this tend to stop the rain.

"With this pattern, it generally keeps all of the bigger rain systems either south or north of where the heat is," adds Shelley. "Accumulating precipitation or a big soaking rain event isn't looking likely on the horizon for the next week or so."

He says making sure you're staying cool as the temperature rises is very important as well. He outlines some of the ways to stay safe through the heatwave.

"If you are more susceptible to heat illness, you want to reduce your risk by scheduling outdoor activities during the coolest part of the day," explains Shelley. "Stay hydrated, drink water even before you start to feel thirsty, and if you do plan on going outside, make sure to bring extra water, sunscreen, and a hat to keep away some of those UV rays."


Written by Carter Kennington.